The Michigan site will be hosting two (2) SWAN Night-Out events on November 7th and November 19th. Dr. Sioban Harlow and the SWAN team will highlight SWAN contributions to science and update the attendees on the future direction of the study.

In November, the Michigan site will be hosting another series of SWAN Night-Out events. The meetings will be held at the Ypsilanti Library on November 7th and the Wayne Recreation Center on November 19th. Each will begin at 6pm. The focus of these sessions is to inform participants on how they have contributed to the scientific understanding of the mid-life transition. Our Principal Investigator, Sioban Harlow, will lead the sessions that will discuss what we have learned together with an update on the future direction of the study. Additionally, a brief presentation will be given on the Affordable Healthcare Act and its implications for Michigan residents. A community outreach professional will pilot this discussion to allow participants to ask questions and better understand how new legislation may affect their healthcare insurance options.