New SWAN Scoring System Predicts Women’s Future Health Risks

Nov 22, 2023 | Menopause, News, SWAN News / Media Coverage

New SWAN Scoring System Predicts Women's Future Health Risks

A groundbreaking study has developed a scoring system that can forecast midlife women’s future health risks up to a decade in advance, reports the Associated Press. The SWAN Seven Score risk innovative scoring system is the first of its kind to predict the risk of global health issues for women in the 55-65 age group.

By evaluating seven key risk factors – educational attainment, smoking, body mass index, cardiovascular disease history, osteoarthritis history, depressive symptoms, and overall health assessment – the SWAN Seven Score can serve as a valuable physician tool to advise patients about their individualized health decline risk.

Dr. Daniel H. Solomon, the lead author of the study, emphasized that this scoring system goes beyond existing risk scores for specific diseases by offering a comprehensive assessment of women’s overall health risks. By using this risk score, healthcare providers can help women understand their future health outlook and make informed decisions about necessary lifestyle changes or medical interventions.

The SWAN Seven Score was first devised using data from 1,084 women in the SWAN study, then validated further by applying it to 2,535 women in the Women’s Health Initiative study.

SWAN researchers plan to develop an online calculator based on this scoring system, making it accessible to healthcare providers and eventually to the public. This groundbreaking approach aims to empower women in their midlife to take control of their health and prevent future health complications.

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