1st Place Poster Presentation

Jan 24, 2018 | News, SWAN Announcements

Alexis Nasr

Alexis Nasr presented a poster titled “High radio-density perivascular fat as related to cardiometabolic risk factors and vascular stiffness in women at midlife: A pilot study to SWAN” at the American Heart Association’s 26th annual Fellows Research Day at the University of Pittsburgh on January 12.

The poster looked at whether the quality of perivascular fat surrounding the descending aorta is associated with a different cardiovascular disease risk profile and arterial stiffness, in comparison to the volume of fat. We recruited 58 females from the SWAN Cardiovascular Ancillary Study, on which we ran statistical analysis.

The co-authors included: Alexis Nasr, Kelly Shields, Steven Hollenberg, Emma Barinas-Mitchell, Susan Everson-Rose, Imke Janssen, Samar R. El Khoudary.





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